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Mirador del Pico Franco (Benagéber)
3rd Edition of the Spring University of Alto Turia. Open registration

The Universitat de València will once again be present in the Valencian territory thanks to the SEASONAL DAYS programme, which has remained faithful at all times to Valencian society, bringing the scientific production of the UV to a total of 20 venues throughout the province of Valencia. This is the third edition of the Spring University of Alto Turia (UPAT for its Spanish acronym), the result of the close collaboration between the Universitat de València, the municipal association of Alto Turia, the Provincial Council of Valencia and Caixa Popular.


DAY: 14 July 2022 (9.30 a.m.)

“CIENCIA Y TERRITORIO. Investigaciones en torno a la Reserva de la Biosfera del Alto Turia” (Spanish for Science and territory. Research on the Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve)


The origin of UPAT must be linked to the declaration, in 2019, of the Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve, which is why the topics that have been dealt with at these conferences since then have revolved around what this declaration entails.

This third edition is dedicated to the research that has been carried out on the Reserve, including not only strictly environmental aspects but also historical and heritage aspects. In addition, and with an eye to the future, an analysis will be made of how this form of protection can benefit local development and how it can contribute to preventing depopulation.

The day is made up of five conferences and a round table. All of them will have an informative focus and will be aimed, especially, at people who live or work in the surroundings of the Alto Turia Biosphere Reserve, but also at managers of protected areas, researchers, students and teachers with an interest in the conservation and enhancement of natural and cultural heritage.

In order to participate in this 3rd Edition of the UPAT it is necessary to make a previous registration (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE REGISTRATION), which is totally free due to the public nature of the Universitat de València. Once registered, the conference can be attended in person (until full capacity is reached, limited by COVID-19 regulations); but it can also be followed online, through the following link that will be enabled minutes before the start of the conference (CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE ONLINE BROADCAST). In addition, all registered participants will receive a certificate of attendance. For more information, please find attached the full programme of the event.


Date From 7 july 2022 to 13 july 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place Benagéber Town Hall (Plaza de Pío XII).

Organized by

Universitat de València

Provincial Council of Valencia

Caixa Popular

Municipal association of Alto Turia

Benagéber Town Hall

AVANT Chair.



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