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This activity consists of successive brief conversations between the exchange students and the students of the Facultat de Filologia, TraduccióiComunicació (FFTiC) to promote language knowledge of the students. Additionally, during the sessions, the FFTiC invites all the participants to a Cafenet so that exchange students feel really welcome in the faculty. The first edition of this activity was organized for the XI international week of the UVEG. Students were distributed in pairs. The pairs were changed every three minutes so that they could converse with the greatest possible number of people. The only language by which the conversations were carried out was correspondent to the following dates:

Spanish - Tuesday at 19h

English - Wednesday at 19h

Valencian - Thursday at 18h*

(This session was started an hour earlier because at 19h there was a concert of a Valencian songwriter, so we took advantage of this opportunity to link these two activities.)


After inviting them to a coffee and a cake, the staff of the OREiP sat alumni and incoming students in front of each other. Then we waited about 10 minutes for them to finish their coffee. Every 3 minutes they should change their partners to practice the language and meet as many people as possible.

Approximately 98% of the attendeesevaluated their attendancein the eventpositively.



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