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The Teaching La Renovación Docente en la Enseñanza Superior (9)

  • May 10th, 2023
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The Teaching La Renovación Docente en la Enseñanza Superior (9), as in previous editions, is designed as a place for meeting, exchange and reflection on changes in the educational paradigm. Traditionally, these events highlight new teaching methodologies and different ways of approaching classes and teaching and research activities with or without the help of ICTs.

In the ninth edition, with the slogan "Revisiting the past - On the shoulders of giants", the congress will address the current situation, after the rapid learning of the use of technologies applied to teaching that took place during the lockdown, and the accelerated evolution of the Internet and its uses and resources, among which Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out, welcomed in different ways by the teaching staff. The important innovations in technology coexist with other more traditional ones that continue to demonstrate their effectiveness. The focus is on the future, but with an eye on the past, as we believe it is important to discuss ideas about the present without losing sight of certain key ideas that we have summarized as follows: "Revisiting the past - Methodologies of yesterday and today - On the shoulders of giants - Collaborative learning". This conference will therefore explore new pedagogical approaches that combine yesterday's practices with today's trends, as well as the crucial role of collaborative learning in education.

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