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Launch of the Journalists' Guide “En mis zapatos”

  • November 25th, 2022
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On Friday 2 December at 11 a.m., in room 108 of the FFTiC, "En mis zapatos: a guide for communicating suicide" will be presented to the media and students, followed by a workshop on "Responsible communication and suicide".

The Association of Professionals in Suicide Prevention and Postvention Papageno, the Association of Family and Friends of Suicide Survivors of the Balearic Islands Afasib and the Valencian association for suicide prevention La Niña Amarilla, have recently published the document "En mis zapatos: a guide of recommendations for communicating about suicide".

It is a guide to responsible communication about suicide that includes a lot of valuable information to encourage citizens to become suicide prevention agents. Here you will find recommendations based on international guidelines, and of course our own, to talk about suicide in a preventive way, informing people correctly about suicide and avoiding the Copycat/ Werther effect.

After its launching on different digital platforms on 10 October, coinciding with World Mental Health Day, on Friday 2 December it will be officially presented to the media and journalism students as the first action within a social empathy project called En mis zapatos. This project involves: journalists, psychologists, survivors of the suicide of a loved one and survivors of a suicide attempt.

The presentation of the guide will be followed by the workshop "Responsible communication and suicide" given by Guillermo Córdoba, journalist, member of the Papageno association and specialist in suicide on the media. The Valencian psychologist, Mónica Blasco, will support Guillermo during the workshop to cover the psychological aspects.

The event and the workshop are aimed at media professionals, students of Journalism and Communication, and of course, anyone involved in suicide prevention from different areas of society.