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33rd International SEDERI conference

  • May 2nd, 2023
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The 33rd INTERNATIONAL SEDERI CONFERENCE of the Spanish and Portugues Society for English Renaissance Studies will be held as an in-person event from 3 to 5 May 2023. Its theme is EARLY MODERN ENGLISH CULTURE IN EUROPEAN PERSPECTIVE: RELATIONSHIPS ACROSS THE CHANNEL. 

Early modern English culture was developed alongside the European arts, politics, economy, religion, technology, commerce and education. A set of European communicative networks conformed a space of cultural encounter and exchange where ideas circulated, and that culturally, linguistically and institutionally made the emerging modern states rich and complex. An extended “in-betweenness” resulted from interactions of forms of artistic and cultural activities which took place via translation, trade, commerce, conquest, exploration, diplomacy, printing, religion, etc. and their resulting textual mobilities manifest in genres such as theatre, poetry, fiction as well as non-fiction narratives (e.g. travel literature, diaries, etc.), correspondence, etc. not only indebted to their own respective legacies but to those of neighbouring countries or to those of more distant lands. Oftentimes, such neighbouring or distant lands worked as mirrors to nations that appropriated their distinctive cultural features or re-fashioned visually, poetically and cartographically their experiences abroad according to their views and interests. While the New World provided obvious scenarios for exchange and competition across European states, channels of interconnection between modern states and regions of Europe took place in innumerable manners at global and local scales, numerous and intense enough to regard early modern Europe as a webwork in whose many images and likenesses the English nation was forged and whose borders were porous enough to be permeated by early modern English culture.