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1st T-SHIRTS FOR EQUALITY Contest of FFTiC Paelles 2018

  • February 21st, 2018
Image with an announcement board as a background and with the 2018 Paellas logo and the title T-shirts for Equality

Dear students:

As you know, last year several sexist messages were detected in the t-shirts of the Paellas party, where, to a large extent, the public is university.

Although it is not a party promoted by the UV, the reality is that a large part of the students end up being part of the celebration.

Calls and the regulatory basis (check out)

Fixed term until: 28.02.2018 (2:00 p.m.)

After the communication sent by the UV Equality Unit to the whole university community, the Vice Dean for Culture, Equality and Communication (FFTiC) was launched to seek alternatives for improvement.

We believe that we can, between all and all, achieve a change beyond the borders of our center since, precisely, the shirts proposed by our students are examples of linguistic ingenuity, intellectual humor and respect. That is why we have created a working group with students of the FFTiC: to be the engine of change and to try other centers to continue our example.

These are the reasons that have mobilized us and, for all this, this year we propose to you from the Faculty a contest to reward the most original, creative and respectful motto and design.


1. Best slogan in Valencian (max 200€) 

2. Best slogan in Spanish (max 200€) 

3. Best slogan in foreign languages (max 200€) 

4. Best design (max 200€)