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Pre-registration  Degree:


Submission period Website Conselleria of Innovation, Universities, Science and Digital Society

From June, 19 to July, 7




Results Publication Valencian Department of Education Website, Press July, 14

July: 17, 18 and 19 -14.00 h.-

July, 21




Pre-registration and associated procedures Enrolment information Faculty of Language Studies, Translation and Communication

1st. course: July, 17-18

Others courses: July, 19, 20, 21 and 24


Waiting  Lists (coordinated

for all centres)

  Students Service

1st  call: July, 24

2nd call: July, 26

3rd call: July, 28

Enrolment 1st call: July, 25

Enrolment 2nd call: July, 27

Enrolment 3rd call: July, 31

People over 25, 40 and 45 admission Enrolment -




Rating scale results >40 - -
Interview >40 - -

Interview >45

- -
Results - -

Admission by continuation

of  official university studies:

Academic record transfer



Applications  presentation

Online Office (Admission by

continuation of studies /

Registrar’s Office

ENTREU: from 3 to 21 July 2023

If you have problemes with the

delivery of documentation,

ask for an (appointment) 


Academic record transfer



Publication of the list of admitted students   Before 30 setember 2023