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The Academic Committee of the Degree organises the teaching and guarantees the academic coherence of the degree.
Its functions of the academic committee of the degree are:

  1. Elaborating the proposal of the organisation of the academic course, taking into account the established criteria by the Governing Body and the proposals of the departments.
  2. Coordinating and supervising the teaching programming of the involved department.
  3. Preparing and disseminating the needed documentation for monitoring and informing students, for the curricular pathways, elective and free-elective subjects.
  4. Preparing the timetables proposals and the allocation of spaces.

In the Degree Academic Committees, chaired by the Dean or the Director of the Centre or the person in charge, the presence of all the departments responsible of the teaching of core and compulsory subjects of the Degree will be guaranteed. And the representation by the departments involved only optional subjects and the students of the Degree proposed by the Student Council Branch will also be present.