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Convocado el concurso interuniversitario Aula Emprende 3i (triple impacto)
Announcement of the Aula Emprende 3i (triple impact) interuniversity contest

The contest is organised in two phases: in the first one, students who have participated in the Idees MOTIVEM competition in the academic years 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 could be enrolled; in the second one, winners of the first phase will represent the Universitat de València in the interuniversity contest, where teams chosen by each one of the Valencian public universities will take part.

Monetary awards are of 900€ for the three winning teams of the first phase, and of 3000 €, 2000€ and 1000€ for the three winners of the second phase. Interuniversity competition will take place on 12, 13, and 14 July in the Damià Bonet Hall of Residence, which will accommodate the students of the five public universities that participate. During these days, a training program for participant teams will be carried out. It will allow students to acquire abilities for transforming their project in a business idea of triple impact: social, environmental and economic. The training program will be led by the Yanus Hub team.

It has the economic support of LLAMP 5UCV_Campus the Innovative and Sustainable Entrepreneurship, of the Council of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Business and Work.

Teams will be able to enrol through the Online Office until 18 June 2023.

More information and enrolment through the following link.


Date From 16 may 2023 to 18 june 2023. 24h. Every day.


Place UVemprén

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