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The specialisation in Nutrition is an option of enormous interest and imminent application, considering the clear implications which have in the performance of the profession in the field of Health with an special orientation to specific individuals and groups: neonatal, infantile, ageing, sports, pregnancy and nutritional pathologies, among other,  which will be assumed or are already assumed in the Health system, by several professionals; including Nutritionists Dieticians, pharmaceutics and doctors among others. On the White Paper on Health Professions in Catalonia it is pointed out the predictability that an increment in the need for dietetic and nutritional advice in the field of primary health care (PHC), both in hospitals and Social-Health Centre, being this prediction applicable to all Spanish regions, including the Valencian Community. The Order 66/2004, that stablishes the Guidelines for the Development of the Comprehensive Plan of Obesity, Nutrition and Physical Activity (BOE- Spanish State Official Gazette 22-1-2004), and where the intervention of Health Departments of the autonomous communities is contemplated, is to provoke for future deployment the necessity of counting with the figure of the dietician-nutricionist and health professionals. In the field of hospitals, the World Health Organisation (WHO) stablished in its 10th World Health Assembly (WHO Assembly) of 1974, and subsequently stated in 1982, that all regional hospitals (600-850 beds) and medium (70-150 beds) would have to be assisted by dieticians and they should be in appropriate proportion of a dietician/nutritionist per 500 patients. At the same time, the international tendency of clinic nutrition is focused on multidisciplinary teams, integrated by doctors, pharmaceutics and nursing and dietetic professionals, with positive clinical and economic outcomes. If the increase of incorporating those professionals in the field of sports, of cooperation to development, of public and community health, of health centres and of geriatric is added, will allow us to shed light on the necessity of a more specialised training which can be taught through the Master’s Degree presented, being the first Master’s in Spain that tries to include all professional opportunities of this group in the scope of this applicability both at a community and customised level. The Master’s Degree presented has two training advantages, on the one hand our University leads in Spain the assistant training with work placements with patients through the Nutritional Clinic of the Foundation Fundació Lluís Alcanyís-Universitat de València, being the first of this characteristics at a national nevel. And on the other hand, we lead in Spain, the educative training based on the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) applied to nutrition, dietetics and diet therapy by means of teaching materials made through the Educative Innovation Call of the UV. </p. TL_Perfil_Ingreso. Admission profile