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There are students who want to combine their intellectual curiosity and the desire of expanding their studies with a job. For them the Master’s offers the possibility to take the Master’s in two different academic years. This option doesn’t affect the final price of the Master’s, as these are official studies the student pays per credit enrolled.

In this second option, the Master’s is taken in two different academic years: between September 2019 and September 2021. The first year, the student should enroll in at least 27 of the 60 credits of the Master’s (ie, Modules 1 and 2, Modules 1 and 3 or Modules 2 and 3) and the following year in the rest of modules. If the students choose to enrol in the most popular option, Modules 1 and 2 during the academic year 2019-2020, in this year they have to attend face to face classes only during January 2020 for the Module 2 as the Module 1 is in on-line format.

In the second year (academic year 2020-2021), the student will be enrolled in the remaining credits. This means that in the usual option of enrolling in the first year of Modules I and II, the student must enroll in the second year of Modules 3, 4 and 5 (33 credits), which will require their physical presence in Valencia between the months of February and March 2021, for the delivery of Module 3. Modules 4 and 5 are tutored in a direct and personalized way and refer to the development of the Master´s Degree Final Project (TFM) by the student.