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The programme of the Master’s Degree in “Law, Business and Justice” of the University of Valencia has 60 credits structured in 4 modules.

The program has a semi-presential character, combining on-line modules (module 1) and face-to-face modules (modules 2 and 3). Modules 4 and 5 referring to the completion of the Master's Degree Final Project (TFM) by the student will be tutored at the student's choice. The face-to-face modules are given in executive format so that the student only needs to spend a total of 10 consecutive weeks in Valencia.

The programme is totally flexible and adaptable to the needs of its potential students: in many cases professionals of law with an important workload, who don’t want to renounce to deepen in their knowledge and, eventually, to develop a doctoral thesis.

The programme of the Master’s is designed to be completed in one or two academic years at the option of the student, depending of their time availability. Thus we are fully aware of the need to design a programme which it fully complies the requirements and demands of the professionals of Law.