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  • Leandro Zambrano Cañón

    Master’s Degree Final Project on ‘Taxation of investments’

    21 september 2017

    The student Leandro Zambrano defends his Master’s Degree Final Project on the taxation of real estate investments in Spain and Colombia.

  • Hans Guthrie Solís

    A student defends his TFM on economic regulation in Chile

    19 september 2017

    Economic regulation, notes for better regulation is the title of the Degree Master's Final Project, whose main objective is to analyze how the tools of regulatory improvement are slowly being introduced into the Chilean legal system.

  • A student presents its Final Project Master Degree on the arbitration as a conflict resolution

    13 september 2017

    The Master Degree student, Juan Sebastián Arango, presents its Final Project Master Degree in which analyses in depth the concepts of the State contract that are currently accepted in Colombia. Also, he presents the diversities on arbitration as an alternative mechanism of the dispute settlement.

  • Sebastián Giraldo Castañeda

    A student researches in his TFM the importance of digital signature in electronic commerce

    11 september 2017

    The student Sebastián Giraldo presents a Master's Degree Final Project (TFM) based on Law 527 of 18 August 1999, which implements the digital signature and the use of data messages in Colombia. It is similar to other international instruments such as the Spanish Royal Decree Law 14/1999 of 17 September.

  • Do you know all our social networks?

    12 may 2017

    The Master’s Degree in Law, Business and Justice is one of the few master’s degrees with blended learning offered by the Universitat de València. There are many enrolled students who live in other countries and choose this modality to study it, therefore social networks and ICT are really important in order to be able to interact with the teaching staff and keep up. We present all the social networks this Master’s Degree uses to ease communication and dissemination of information. 

  • Universitat de València

    Spain, key destination for training international students

    21 march 2017

    The educational services of Spain are increasingly a greater claim for foreign students. The Spanish universities have experimented year after year the arrival of students from other countries who wants to complete here their training and live new experiences.

  • Women’s Day

    EU’s statement on the Women’s Day

    8 march 2017

    The social scourge of genre violence and inequality suffered by women throughtout the world is, increasingly, a topic of media and institutional interest. On the occasion of the Women’s Day, we remember the support of EU in the fight against this problem.

  • El profesor Esplugues y la profesora Barona

    Professors of the UV: speakers on the mediation at a University of Mexico

    16 february 2017

    Professors Silvia Barona and Carlos Esplugues of the Universitat de València, renowned experts in legal mediation issues, imparted several conferences of this field of Law during November and December 2016 at the Modelo University of Merida (Mexico).

  • A step forward towards Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and European Union

    3 february 2017

    Mexico has reacted to Donald Trump’s offensive with intentions of building a border wall between the two countries and the negotiations to power the new Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union have been accelerated. Do you want to know more about it?

  • Ponentes en el Congreso Internacional de Derecho.

    From social Justice to integrative Justice

    19 december 2016

    The Faculty of Law hosted an International Congress to rethink the new concept of Justice of the 21st century, marked by Glocalisation in criminal Justice, causing effects such as the loss of state identity or less freedom and security.