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“One of the positive aspects I highlight of the Master’s degree was the possibility of having a multicultural experience”

Viviana Lucia Rodríguez Blanco

18 april 2016

Viviana Lucía Rodríguez Blanco


My experience in the Master’s degree in Law, Business and Justice was full of moments that enriched my professional training and several aspects of my personal life.

Regarding my professional training, in the Master’s degree I found a teaching body with an excellent academic background. The modules taught by each professor were notable for their high academic standards as well as for the appropriateness of their contents. Likewise, it is important to point out the coherence and integrity of the studies programme, covering several legal subjects such as private international law and the ADR. Consequently, the programme is focused on a comprehensive and necessary learning for the practice of advocacy in an every time more interdependent and globalised world.

On the other hand, one of the positive aspects I stand out from the Master’s Degree was the possibility of having a multicultural experience while I advanced in my studies. Taking this Master’s Degree did not only involved the privilege of living in Valencia and having enjoyed a beautiful culture, but also having met the legal customs and traditions of my classmates coming from other countries, turning the dialogues in class into interesting academic debates.

Ultimately, I can attest the high quality of the Maste’s Degree in Law, Business and Justice. Without doubt, it has given me important tools for my job performance in Colombia due to its programme that exalts the academic and cultural diversity of students. As a beneficiary of the Lluís Vives Scholarships that allow me for advancing in my postgraduate studies in Spain, I can affirm that the Universitat de València cares for promoting the academic excellence as banner of the training of a university community formed by people that come from any latitude of the world, turning it into an internationally renowned institution.