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“Since I left Valencia, my professional life has done nothing but grow thanks to the Master’s Degree”

Alejandro Cardona Herrera

17 april 2016

Alejandro Cardona Herrera


Since I left Valencia, my professional life has done nothing but grow thanks to the Master’s Degree in Law, Business and Justice. Whenever people ask me about the Master’s Degree, I tell them what makes it special is its varied programme, which deals with such important subjects as contractual modern tendencies, international contracting and legal regime of electronic commerce. Everything related with the current judicial practice.

The Master’s Degree has helped me to update my knowledge on the legal sphere and to be at the forefront of the changes that are being produced from the European Law and that, inevitably, influence in our Hispanic-American field. An example of this is the validity of a new Civil Procedure Code in Bolivia, which introduces, among the means for testing, the so feared electronic documents.

Also, I consider that the third module results very interesting for students of procedural law, since we find professor Carolina Sanchis and her subject Civil Proceeding: New Technologies and Challenges in a Globalised Age.

I would not want to end without drawing particular attention to the second module: the technological one. Regarding this module, I consider that it may be the icing of the cake, since the Master’s Degree not only provide us the possibility of widening our knowledge on the subject forming its programme, but also leaves that seed every researcher needs: having a great methodological base.

The contents of the programme complement perfectly with the quality of professors, who will make their sessions –despite being long– look short. I assure you that you will always want more due to how enjoyable and enriching they are. 

Today the Master’s Degree means a lot to me; it was an unique experience and an academic adventure as few others. Nowadays I develop a teaching activity that I am sure it is influenced by those great professors I was lucky to be a student of. Many thanks to all of them.