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The historical heritage collection that may be subject to an irreparable loss or damage must be consulted under close scrutiny.

Users will request items through tickets, which will include the user’s full information, as well as full information about the item being requested. Besides the ticket, users will show their DNI, Passport or any identity document that allows checking that their application data is correct. The Library will keep a record with the data from all users.

Researchers can consult up to two original documents at the same time. If they need to consult more documents, they must request so to the management of the Library.

Access to certain collections may be restricted. Instead, users will be facilitated copies of the originals, due to preservation reasons. Users that must consult the original documents must request so to the management of the Library, stating their reasons.

Users will be able to use only pencils. The use of pens, markers and highlighters is absolutely forbidden. The Library will lend an appropriate pencil to researchers who need it.

Users must not place papers or other objects in the items consulted, nor write, trace, underline, etc. on the pages or covers.

No cameras or copying or scanner devices are allowed in the room. The Management of the Library will authorise their use in exceptional cases.

Laptops are allowed.