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One of the necessary requirements for the implementation of a quality system is the elaboration of the process map and the drafting of the process documents that explain how each of the usual library tasks are carried out. In both cases, it is important to note that these are not closed documents but tools that are constantly being revised and redesigned.

1. Process Map

The process map is the graphic representation of the processes that make up the Service Management System. Three types can be distinguished:: 

  • Strategic processes: related to top management (strategic planning, human resources, alliances and cooperation, etc.).

  • Key or results processes: directly linked to the services provided (circulation, collection management, etc.).

  • Supporting processes: facilities and spaces, financial and staff management, etc.

The work of the Library Quality Committee has focused on the drafting of the key processes that are specific to its service. The strategic and support processes will be addressed jointly for all UV services, which is why they are not yet documented.

   SBD Process Map





2. Key processes or results of the SBD

The drafting of these documents has helped to raise awareness of the need for a common approach and to change the partial and focussed vision of each library for a vision of the whole. The procedures help us to think and act together and to feel that we are part of a single system that must be perceived as such by users.

Relation of the key processes or results of SBD

PR-01. Collection management PR-03. Support for learning, teaching and research
PR-01.01 Selection and acquisition of information resources PR-03.01 Lending
PR-01.02 Standardised description and availability of documents PR-03.02_V2 Interlibrary Loan
PR-01.03 Physical collection management PR-03.03_V2 Digital skills training
PR-01.04 Electronical collection managament PR-03.04_V2 Training on demand
PR-01.05_V2_Patrimonial collection management PR-03.05 Management of group work spaces
PR-01.06 Collection evaluation PR-03.06 Face-to-face assistance and information
PR-02. Management systems PR-03.07_V2_ Virtual assistance and information 
PR-02.01_V2_ Administration of the library services platform PR-03.08 Management of Recommended Bibliographies
PR-02.02_V2_Interchange of data in the library services platform PR-03.09 Electronic delivery of printed journal articles
PR-02.03 Management of the catalogue consultation interface (OPAC)  PR-03.10 Support to the electronic publication of scientific journals of the UV
PR-02.04_V2_Patron management PR-03.11_V2_Management of the institutional repository  RODERIC
PR-02.05 Intranet and internal communication PR-03.12 Research suport
PR-02.06_V2_Web and public information PR-03.13 Cooperation in the Dialnet portal
PR-02.07 Management of the discovery tool PR-03.14_V2_Libraries extraordinary opening