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We present the compilation of the exhibitions that have been organized in 2022 in the libraries of the University of Valencia:


Egalitarian relationships

Exhibition held at the Psychology and Sport Library as part of the campaign about egalitarian relationships organised by Psicólogas y Psicólogos Sin Fronteras.

Psychology and Sport Library 6th July to 22nd September

Shelter and SDGs II

Exhibition held at the Social Sciences Library and ONUBIB as part of the awareness-raising campaign organised by the Spanish Committee of UNHCR-Comunidad Valenciana.

ONUBIB: 23 to 31 May  i Biblioteca de Ciències Socials: 1st to 9th June. Virtual Exhibition.

Sport novel

Exhibition organised on the occasion of the photographic exhibitions DisABILITY AND EXCELLENCE without limits and Effort and Achievement in Sport

Psychology and Sport Library



"Malferits. The footprint of time in libraries REBIUN', a project organised by the Vice-Rectorate for Research and the Historical Library

Historical Library, 19th May to 4th September. Virtual Exhibition

Past and present

Joan Reglà Humanitites Library shows "Past and present. 100 years doing archaeology at the University of Valencia" 

Biblioteca d'Humanitats 'Joan Reglà' 3rd May to 11th September 2022

Joan Fuster

The "Joan Reglà" Humanities Library has organized a virtual exhibition that accompanies the Joan Fuster International Symposium, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

Biblioteca d'Humanitats 'Joan Reglà'

Manuel Sanchis Guarner

"Joan Reglà" Humanities Library has organised, with the invaluable collaboration of the Departament de Filologia Catalana, Professor Emili Casanova and Professor Vicent A. Moreno, a virtual exhibition on the figure of Manuel Sanchis Guarner.

Biblioteca d'Humanitats 'Joan Reglà'

From chroniclers to carbon 14

A journey through Valencian archeology through books, organized by the Biblioteca Històrica with the Department of Prehistory, Archeology and Ancient History in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural Sciences.

Biblioteca Històrica, From February 11 to May 1 2022.