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Exhibition at the Psychology and Sport Library

  • June 9th, 2022
Sport novel exhibition
Sport novel exhibition

The Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy has hosted the photographic exhibition DisABILITY AND EXCELLENCE without limit, a collection of photographs of the professor of the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Murcia Luis Conte. The exhibition has shown photographs that aim to be a reflection of different stories of effort and improvement linked to competitive sport. At the same time, the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences has set up a photographic exhibition entitled "Effort and Improvement in Sport" with photographs by the same author.

Action photography allows us to capture moments of great beauty and very special moments that go unnoticed at first sight. Sport also transmits values that are very necessary in our culture: solidarity, effort, fair play, companionship, which enrich us as a society and make us better people.

On the occasion of the two exhibitions, the Psychology and Sport Library has prepared an exhibition of works related to the subject. You can find works on Olympism, films, sports novels and other interesting things. We invite you to visit the exhibition and take the books you are interested in on loan.