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The UV Volunteering in Diversity program seeks to provide institutional attention and support to LGTBI students, racialized or of different ethnocultural origin, and to make known the different resources and procedures, as well as to provide a safe space and a permanent meeting point on campus.

This volunteer program is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students of the Universitat de València's own centers, who are aware of or interested in these issues, and members of different student groups that work and organize activities related to diversity within the university community. 

Participation in this volunteering involves 25 hours of training and the commitment to participate in the UV Volunteering in diversity with a dedication of 20 hours over the course 2021/2022.

The Sedi (Information and Promotion Service for Students) supports this volunteer initiative and also organizes the basic and specific training necessary for the incorporation of students to the participation proposals.



Dates: from 22 October to 13 November. Consult the schedule of the sessions.

Modality: on-site, 25-hours-long. 


  • Common block: Basic training on volunteering (5 hours).
  1. Voluntary action as a practice of participation.
    Inequality and exclusion: alternatives for the globalization of Human Rights and social justice.
  2. People-centered human development.
  3. Volunteering, social commitment and transformation.
  • Specific block (20 hours).  
  1. Introduction to affective-sexual and gender diversity.
  2. Guidelines for proper care and counseling.
  3. Introduction to ethno-cultural and religious diversity.
  4. Design of awareness-raising actions.
  5. Communication tools and strategies in xarxes.
  6. University services, resources and procedures.

Teaching staff

  • Inmaculada López, professor of the Department of Theory of Education at the Universitat de València.
  • Jorge Ramos, professor at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History at the Universitat de València.
  • Marta Cañero, psychologist at Orienta, Oficina Integral LGTBI de la Generalitat Valenciana.
  • Luis Noguerol, coordinator of the cultural projects group of Lambda.
  • Fani Grande, specialist in effective communication.
  • Sela Andreu, diversity technician at the Universitat de València.



The offer of this volunteer program allows them to get involved in diversity awareness initiatives and in the accompaniment and mentoring of LGTBI students, racialized or of different ethno-cultural origin, especially new entrants and incoming students.

Among other things, student volunteers will participate in:

  • In the design, dissemination and organization of awareness-raising actions (especially around March 21, Day against racial discrimination, and May 17, Day against LGTBIphobia).
  • In the design and implementation of a multicolor space on its campus, which is intended to be articulated as a meeting and socialization point, where occasional activities can be organized and a service of accompaniment and information is offered to students about the different resources available to them.
  • In the dissemination, design and implementation of the multicolor space of its campus and at least one of the proposed awareness-raising or training activities.
  • To attend to students' doubts and queries, as much as possible, and to refer the most sensitive issues to the responsible technicians.
  • To transmit information about university resources and procedures.


The undergraduate student who participates in the program can obtain the recognition of 2 ECTS credits, provided that he/she verifies the use of the training and the dedication of 20 hours to the agreed UV Voluntary actions.


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