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To become a mentor at Entreiguals you have to fill in an application form to take part in the admission process and, if selected, complete the training phase. Between June and July, the contact details of the assigned students are received in order to start the mentorship.

There are two types of mentorship, and you must choose one of them:

  • First-year students mentoring, to accompany students enrolling for the first time in the degree programme.
  • Incoming mentoring, to accompany foreign students arriving through exchange programmes (Erasmus, PI, etc.).

Conditions. Each centre specifies the conditions for participation in the mentoring programme: dedication, calendar of activities, the centre's own training session... It is very important to check the conditions before applying to become a mentor.

Application. From 1 to 21 December 2021, through the VIRTUAL SECRETARIAT, in the "Student" drop-down menu. From 2 December, in the case of the Facultat de Biològiques.

Admission. The centres will admit the applications necessary for the development of the action in their centre, for which criteria of credits passed, experience in university participation, motivation, etc. will be taken into account.



From 1 to 21 December 2021


21 January 2022

Common training

Between February 14 and March 8, 2022

Centre training

Between May and July 2022

Assignment of mentors

Between June and July 2021

Accompaniment of mentors

From the assignment and during the academic year 2022-2023

Reception activities in the schools

Consult the specific conditions of each school

Evaluation and certification

April 2023