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With the motto University and Society, the V International Meeting of University Principals will be held on May 2023 in València. On it will participate the universities of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

In this context, the vice-principal of the United States convened the Young Leaders for Education awards, targeted at graduates and master’s and doctoral students of the universities mentioned above.



Degree, master and doctoral students registered in the academic course 2022-2023 or graduated in the last three years (21-22, 20-21 and 19-20) of the universities of Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Spain, the United States, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Uruguay.

People who meet this requirement and want to be granted for these awards will have to pass the Clevry test previously. It has to be done before 10 December 2022 in


Number and amount of the prizes

From among all the applications received, sixty of them will be selected. Selected persons will receive online training on the chosen academic field and on how to create a pitch. In addition, for granting the prize, not only will they be invited to visit València so as to know both, the city and the Universitat de València, but they will also receive in-person training.

A maximum of three prizes of 1000€ is stablished.


Application period

From the following day to the publication of this call in the Official Journal of the Generalitat Valenciana (DOGV) to January 15 of 2023, at 23:59 (time zone CEST).


Stages of the procedures and documentation


1. Publication of terms and conditions

2. Submission of applications and documentation

Applications are submitted through the Electronic Registry of the Online office of the Universitat de València. To access it, it is needed the username and password of the Universitat de València or the prior registration in the office [instructions to register in the online office.: VAL | CAS | POR | ENG].

Once in the Electronic Register, fill in the different fields in each section:

GENERAL information:

Apart from personal data, the application’s target must be selected:    

  • Type of Unit: General and central University services
  • Body to which it is addressed: Information and Promotion Service
  • Desired procedure > Specific actions of the unit Young Leaders for Education



In “Facts and reasons”. All applicants must show their academic topic chosen, among the ones defined for the Meeting:

In “Apply” it is needed to press: “Participate in the call for Young Leaders for Education awards”.



Candidates must upload the following files in PDF. This files can be uploaded in any of the following languages: Spanish, English or Portuguese.

  • Letter of motivation Length: 500 words
  • Short writing on the view for the future of education, accordingly to the topic chosen. Length: 1000 words.
  • Curriculum vitae
  • File that proves the status of graduated in the last three academic years (21-22, 20-21 y 19-20) or of degree, master’s degree or PhD student in the year 2022-23 (degree, academic record, certificate of matriculation, etc.) , except for students and graduates of the Universitat de València.


3. Grant prizes

Granting resolution [official UV board]. Pending.


4. Queries?

You can email your doubts and queries to