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Are you starting at the Universitat de València? Then you should know about Entreiguals

For students who will start their university studies in September 2022, the Universitat de València offers the Entreiguals student mentoring programme. This programme puts first-year students in contact with a classmate from higher years with the aim of accompanying them in their incorporation into the University and helping them to become familiar with university life in a short period of time. 

An Entreiguals mentor provides new students with useful information about the University, helps them learn how to make use of the academic resources, how to move around the campus and find their way around classrooms, laboratories and departments, as well as helping them to discover the possibilities of participation and interesting complementary activities, among other things. It is, therefore, a programme to avoid or overcome possible difficulties that may arise during the incorporation to the University. 

During the enrolment process and in the first days of classes, the faculties will propose directly to the first year students, via email or WhatsApp, the possibility of having a mentor. It is necessary to be aware of this contact as it is highly recommended to take advantage of the opportunity offered by Entreiguals to get off to a good start at the University. 


Date From 15 july 2022 to 23 september 2022. 24h. Every day.


Place Universitat de València

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SeDi Information and Promotion Service.



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