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Call 2022 FAQ

  • How long do I have to submit a proposal?

    Until April 28th 2022, at 2:00 p.m.

  • Is it necessary to include an exact location in my proposal?

    No, but it’s advisable to specify the location needs required by the artwork’s nature.

  • Does the organisation propose specific predetermined spaces?

    No. The final location will be determined by various factors such as the coherence between a speech given as part of the work and the location of the latter, as well as the space being visible.

  • Can I be updated of any news about the call on social networks?

    Yes, at @artpublicuv on Instagram as well as at Sedi’s official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (@SediUV), where you’ll also see the most important news regarding the exhibition.

  • Are there any basic conditions to consider while making my proposal?

    • Works located outside and needing darkness will not be selected, as the majority of spaces that can be used for their placement are closed at night.
    • Proposals should never put the public at risk.
    • University facilities are used constantly. Thus, artworks must adapt to the daily activity.
    • Campus gardens are watered daily and there’s a water-pipe network beneath the ground.
    • The proposed budget has to fall within appropriate limits. Should the expenses be higher than expected or surpass the prize quantity, you will have to take care of them in any case.
  • How are the artworks assembled?

    An external and correspondingly-specialised company will assist during the time of assembly. The curator will establish priorities and the time the professionals have to dedicate to each artist, as well as propose the time of finalisation of the assembly process for each artwork.

    The company will help with the assembly but not with the production of the artwork, which is why people with projects requiring coordination between production and assembly are to be prepared to balance both tasks. The curator will be available at all times to help artists.