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8th International Innovative Conference on Illustrated Books and Comics - JOLIN2023 CONCILIATION AND CO-RESPONSIBILITY

  • March 8th, 2023
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As we have seen over the years, l'Espai JOLIN, as an academic initiative, has not been afraid to find hybridizations with social issues (immigration, border, diversity) or enter the medical field to show that the humanities and experimental and health sciences are not at odds. Similarly, JOLIN2023 will continue to delve into current issues, with an avant-garde character that takes into account the reality of our students and the society around them.

Thus, the 8th International Day of Innovation on Illustrated Books and Comics - JOLIN2023 will demonstrate that linguistic and cultural diversity finds in illustrated literature a good ally and a good substrate from which to make humanities, culture and outreach for a fairer global citizenship, betting on the transfer of knowledge, the promotion of building bridges between cultures and aiming to articulate discourses on the meaning of conciliation, equality, co-responsibility and our role with "others", all from the perspective of illustrated literature.