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What are they?

The new Doctoral Studies, implemented since the academic year 2014-2015, according to the regulations of the Royal Decree 99/2011, 28 January, which regulates the official teachings of the doctoral studies set up activities of doctoral training. These activities, which are not structured in ECTS, include both transverse and specific training of each area of the programme.

The organisation of such training and procedures for its control are in the validation report of each doctoral programme.  

Incorporation to the academic record of the doctoral student

The transverse activities developed by the doctoral student are included into the document activities


The registration to these activities is not subject to any specific rate. The academic tutelage that the doctoral student pays each academic year includes the enrolment fees for these activities.

Catalogue of transverse activities for the Doctoral Programme

Table Transverse Activities


The enrolment period for these transverse activities during the academic year 2014-2015 will be from 5 december to 7 january (until 14 hours), through the platform for courses management used by the Staff Development Service and Educational Innovation to which you can access through the following link: [access].

Registration Instructions.

Timetable and Contents

Each course is offered at the three university campuses, in different timetables and languages. We advise you to print the information of each offer for defining your transverse calendar before accessing to the enrolment specific platform.

The transverse training activities offered for the academic year 2013-2014 can be consulted in the website of the Staff  Development Serevice and Educational Innovation Section Offer where you can access to the contents, campus grid, classrooms, timetable and professors.

Lessons will be developed during June and July, whit a maximum duration of 15 hours each one, at the three university campuses.

Instruction to be considered 

It is important to consider that:

  • Each student only can enrol in a single edition of each course.
  • The platform doesn’t check if the tranverse activities that students enrol correspond to the Doctoral programme of the students. So it is necessary that students check on the website the activities required in their Doctoral programme.
  • Each course has a limited number of places. Once the places of each course are covered this will be closed and students should choose another option.
  • Some editions of the courses specify details related to humanities, sciences or social sciences areas, so each student is responsible of checking that: a) the course belongs to their doctoral programme, b) the chosen edition belongs to their area.  


The certification of each course is linked to attendance in an 80% of its hours and to the specific criteria that is determined in the description of each transverse activity.

Once all courses offered for the academic year 2013/2014 are completed, the Staff Development Service and Educational Innovation will transfer to the Postgraduate Service the academic progress certifications. The corresponding Doctoral Programme Academic Committee is the responsible of incorporating these activities, where appropriate, to the activities document of each doctoral student.

If a student cannot reach the results required for certifying this transverse training, they can re-enrol in the next course.