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The profile of the students who access the doctoral programme in Information Technologies, Communications and Computing, is the profile of a graduate in Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics and related, who have taken a Master’s Degree along the same lines.

More concretely, the recommended entry profile corresponds to students who have acquired the prior abilities and knowledge that are obtained when passing some of the following official master’s degree of Universitat de València:


  • · Biomedical Engineering (120 ECTS)
  • Engineering Services and Web Applications (60 ECTS)

Nevertheless, it may be considered adequate the obtained profile when passing other related master’s degrees or with a minimum of 60 ECTS that come from different related master’s degrees.


As general entry requirement they should be contemplated in some of the presumptions of the article 6 of the RD 99/2011 or of the second additional provision of such Royal Decree.
Besides, the students should fulfil the following specific requirements:
· Having taken and passed the studies conductive to some of the official master’s degrees of Universitat de València associated to the programme (the current list of these master’s degrees is included in “recommended profile” in the previos section 3.1). In the event of holding the Diploma d'Estudis Avançats (DEA-a tertiary education degree)- obtained according to the Royal Decree 778/98– or the Research Proficiency- according to the regulations of the Royal Decree 185/85–, they must have been completed it within Doctoral Programmes related to this.
· For any other assumption, the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme will evaluate whether the carried out studies are equivalent to those generally demanded to access the research period of this Doctoral Programme.
The students who fulfil the requirements will entry the doctoral programme, and the Doctoral Studies Academic Committee will be the responsible for verifying the compliance of the above requirements for the admission of the applicant.
The Academic Committee of the Doctoral Programme will study and resolve any admission petition that does not adjust to the criteria previously established, based on the available information.