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      3159   Information Technologies, Communication and Computational Mathematics

  1. Computer modelling and simulation
  2. Machine learning
  3. Advanced and Empirical Software Engineering Techniques
  4. Gender impact in software development
  5. Development of self-adaptive systems with human participation (human in the loop)
  6. Development of self-explanatory autonomous systems
  7. Machine learning/Maching Learning
  8. Human-computer interaction and usability
  9. Natural Language Modelling (NLP)
  10. Multimodal, adaptive and non-intrusive interaction design
  11. Computational electromagnetics
  12. Measurement of antennas and telecommunication devices. Electromagnetic field measurements
  13. Modelling the evolution of complex systems Interaction networks
  14. Metagenomic analysis techniques and tools
  15. Processing of large volumes of genomic information
  16. Multimodal integration systems
  17. Virtual reality
  18. Augmented reality
  19. Data mining and machine learning
  20. Applied artificial intelligence
  21. Data analysis and visualisation
  22. Pattern recognition and computer vision
  23. Parallel computing and distributed systems
  24. Signal processing (Sound)
  25. Intelligent tutoring systems
  26. Telecommunication networks and systems
  27. Bioinformatics
  28. High performance systems