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1. What can I do to study as an exchange student at the University of Valencia?

You should first find out whether your home institution has a bilateral agreement with our university for your field of studies. Furthermore, you will have to be selected by your university. Please ask your International Relations Office for more information.

2. Can I go as a freemover student?

Currently you cannot apply for a freemover stay.

3. How can I enrol as an ordinary (not exchange) student?

You can find information about admissions at:

4. I need to know the courses and schedules offered by UV.

Please click here to find the information that is currently available. You can also check this guide that will help you find a lot of details about the courses you are interested in.

5. Can I take courses that I am interested in but are unrelated to my major?

Erasmus and International students must take most of their courses, at least 50%, within the agreed areas of study specified in the bilateral agreement. Students can enrol on courses from other fields of study, as long as the number of vacancies or any other restrictions allow it.

6. Where can I find the course programmes?

The course programmes are posted on the UV webpage:

After clicking on the desired degree, you will have to take the following steps:

Click on "Curriculum" > click on "Check info" for the courses you are interested in > click on "Teaching guide" > a pdf with all the information on the course will emerge

7. I have doubts about credits, subjects to study, etc. Who can answer my academic questions?

According to the degree you will be studying at UV, you will have a UV academic coordinator responsible for that degree and who will be glad to solve your academic doubts. Please click here to find his or her name and e-mail address.

8. How can I know that I have been accepted by UV?

You will receive an e-mail from the UV indicating you how to process the application. Once your application has been accepted, you will be able to access your Acceptance Letter.

9. Are there any language requirements in order to be accepted at UV?

No, certificates are not requested. However, it is advisable for students to have a basic level of at least one of the two official languages (Catalan and Spanish) before coming to our university, since our classes are taught mainly in Catalan and Spanish.

Students are encouraged to take the Spanish intensive course in September before the beginning of classes. More information at : -

In addition, we also encourage students to enrol in the Language Policy Service free Catalan A1/A1+ and A2 courses. They start in September and February and are held every term. 

10. Are there any courses held in English?

Yes, there are a few faculties/schools offering courses taught in English language. Please click here to see the offer.

11. Where can I find the academic calendar?

Please check:

12. Does UV accept one-semester exchanges and can I study with you during any of your two semesters?

Yes, you can stay with us during either of our semesters, but before applying at your University for one or the other, please check if the courses you are interested in are 1st-semester courses (September-January) or 2nd semester courses (February-July). There are also annual courses. Click here to see how to find out.

13. Are there any Catalan or Spanish language courses for exchange students at UV?

If you would like to attend Catalan (valencià) courses, the Language Policy Service offers free Catalan A1/A1+ and A2 courses for international students.

More information at -

If you want to take Spanish language courses, our language academy (Centre d'Idiomes) offers a special discount to any Erasmus student. You do not need any certificate to get this discount. The International Relations Office will provide the Centre d’Idiomes a list of accepted Erasmus students.

More information at : -

14. Is there an online application for UV?

Yes. Once your home institution has sent us correctly your nomination as an exchange student, you will get an e-mail with instructions on how to fill in the online application form.

15. I have received an e-mail with instructions on how to fill in the online application form. Which is the deadline to send it?

-Fall semester or whole year (starting in September): 10th July
-Spring semester (starting in February): 10th December

16. I still do not have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). What can I do?

If you still do not have the EHIC because you can only apply for it a little time before coming to Valencia, try to send us any receipt of your application for it. You should bring your EHIC with you or else a private health insurance card, otherwise you will not be registered. In both cases, your health insurance has to cover the full length of your stay in Spain.

17. Do I need a visa during my stay in Valencia?

Citizens of any State of the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein only require a National Identity Card or valid passport. More information:

18. Which is the date of arrival?

Two or three weeks after the nomination deadline, the International Relations Service will send you an e-mail with information about the Reception Day and other relevant dates, requirements or activities. The Reception Day will usually take place on the week before the semester starts.

More information at:

19. I am a special needs student because I am disabled / I suffer from a chronic illness. Who can I contact about this?

You can contact our Unit for Integration of People with Disabilities at

Please specify your needs and they will arrange things so that you will be able to study with us as comfortably as possible.

20. How can I get my transcript of records/grades?

The "Secretaría" of the Faculty/School where you enrolled will send them automatically to your University. Before leaving Valencia, we recommend you to go to the "Secretaría" and make sure that they have the correct postal address.

19. Where can I see the exam's qualifications?

Each professor publish the qualifications on his department's board or in the virtual classroom, before moving on to the final record, which is publish at virtual secretary.

You can access to this web services through

If you don't know where are the department's board, you can ask at department's secretary.

20. Who are the one who can solve my academic questions?

The Erasmus coordinator is the person who perform this task, you can consult who is at

21. Where can I find the basic services?

Burjassot's campus has basic services such as: Dining rooms, medical Assistance, Photocopies, Library with Computers, bookshop.

To know where are placed in the map you can take a look at the following web page:

22. What is the best time to find an apartment?

Experience shows that many flats becomes empty in July, so the best time to find a flat is at this month, more information at the websites: -> Accommodation

23. At what places can I find an apartment?

At the CADE / DISE, now called SeDI, offices can be ordered an accommodations list "bolsa de vivienda" by sending an e-mail to

24. Does the university have her own accommodation places?

The following website is a list of university's hall of residences or related to it

25. How much cost rent a flat in Valencia?

You can find rooms from 200euro/month to 300euro/month and flats from 400euro/month to 800euro/month
But this is only indicative. I recommend searching at the links listed below to make a more realistic estimation.

26. What is the best place to live in Valencia?

It depends on what do you want to do in Valencia, if you want to study, may be you are interested in live close to the campus,  but if you are interested in knowing the city, may be you prefer something more centric place. This is your decision.

27. What kind of transports are to reach Valencia?

It depends on where you come from. If you come from far away you may be interested in the Airplane (with low-cost flights with airlines like Ryanair) but of course there are another such as a train, bus, boat, etc.. ..

28. How can I reach the Burjassot's campus?

With public transport from Valencia Capital, can it be reached by subway (line 4 Tramway) and by red municipal bus with EMT (number 63)

29. Is there some kind of mentor who can help me with my problems during my stay in Valencia?

The university pays a scholarship to one student who helps the Erasmus coordinators and exchange students with their problems ... You can ask to your exchange students coordinator to provide you the contact information, or you can ask for him at the international relations office.

If you are a School of Engineering student. You can contact as well through the address

30. What kind of healthy services are available during my stay in Valencia?

If you're an Erasmus student, you can have the European health insurance card, which gives you access to medical services here, if you aren't European student, you can access to the health insurance provided by the university:

31. What leisure options are in Valencia? Are there free leisure for students?

There is a lot of leisure offer in Valencia but the university has a calendar with free cultural activities.

32. Are there free Spanish courses for exchange students? How much cost the courses?

Actually, I don't know anything about free courses for exchange students, but this might change, ask at

33. Can I practice sports at the university?

The university has a sports service at Burjassot's campus (see situation at Google maps) there you can ask for the sports activities at the campus. Also you can ask them how to use the council sports services, which are very close to the campus.

34. Is there a wireless network for Internet access to use with laptops at Burjassot's campus?

At Burjassot's campus there is a wireless network (WiFi), which is available for the students.

35. How can I access to the wireless?

To access must have the username and password at UV, (UV's account becomes after your registration) more information on the following link.

36. Are there available computers to Internet access?

Yes, you can access to the various computer's rooms available, you can check their location: or at Google maps to the school of Engineering room.

37. What paid job opportunities are for an exchange student?

The university has an employability service, but it is basically for graduates, another option is look for job trough a temporary employment agency, in which can it be temporarily and eventually find job.
Also you can look for job at ADEIT

38. What kind of cultural activities are in Valencia? What of then are free?

The university has many cultural offerings, which are compiled at the website

The main cultural offers at university's environment are at:
Most of these are for free.Of course there are many other cultural activities at Valencia city, but you might have to pay for it.