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It is the body in charge of promoting student mobility.


This commission is formed by the coordinator of the exchanges of the centre and by the coordinators of the exchanges of the various degree programme

Name Category Position
María Roser Benavent García PDI President (Delegation director ETSE-UV)
Isaac Suárez Álvarez PDI Coordinator GIEI
Luis Gómez Chova PDI Coordinator GIET
María Roser Benavent García PDI Coordinator GII
Jose Antonio Boluda Grau PDI Coordinator GIM
Marta Izquierdo Sanchis PDI Coordinator GIQ
Antonio Soriano Asensi PDI Coordinator GIT
José David Martín Guerrero PDI Coordinator GCD
José Javier Samper Zapater PDI Coordinator Masters
Aguilar Albiach, Mª Luz PAS Delegatión administrator ETSE-UV
Cantera Corpas, Eva Student Chosen by ADR
Victorio Albiach, Alba Student Supply Chosen by ADR