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1. Introduction

External internships are training activities carried out by students in companies or institutions and entities. The main objective is to allow students to apply and complement the student’s academic learning, favouring, at the same time, the acquisition of skills, which prepare them for the exercise of professional activities, facilitate their employment and foster their entrepreneurial capacity.

The organization and management of the internships corresponds to ADEIT, Fundació Universitat_Empresa de la Universitat de València, in coordination with the Internship Commission of the Faculty of Economics.

All the practices of the different degrees are supervised by an academic tutor of the Faculty of Economics.

2. Attention to student

Academic questions: Placement coordinator:

Formalization of the internship: ADEIT 96 160 3000

Secretariat of the Faculty of Economics:  

3. Briefings

4. Duration of Internships and Training Programs

5. Internship guide

6. Calendar 

In the following document you can consult the important dates that the internship student must consider throughout the academic year.

Calendar for work placements 2023-2024

Tasks Dates Location


July 12 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.  July 12 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  

Classroom 101 and Video Conference   

Link to connect to the briefings

Presentation of Autopracticums

  • Until 6 September if the placement is carried out between October and January
  • Until 30 November if the placement is carried out between February and June

The company will send the Autopracticums document to inmaculada.ferragud@fundacions.uv.esAnexo - Annex (English) 

Publication of a list of students with admitted Autoprácticums End of July and in the second fortnight of each month, from September to December In the Faculty website
Presentation of Recognition

From June 1 to July 14. No approval is allowed after this date. 

Provide documentation to the Secretariat of the Faculty through the following link: ​​​​​​    

Publication of the list of students seeking Recognition Second half of July On the Faculty website
Publication of the offers approved by the Placement Commission, first semester September 7

Virtual Classroom - Community of Practice 

Publication of the offers approved by the Placement Commission, secund semester December 1 Virtual Classroom - Community of Practice 
Selection of placement of choice by student 

First semester:  September 12 and 13
Second semester: From December 12 to 14

Video Conference 
Start of placements

First semester: From October 10, 2023 until January 31, 2024
Second semester: From February 1 to June 28, 2024

Companies/Institutions or entities

7. Registration

Students who meet the requirements must enrol in the subjects of “Business Placements” and “End-of-Degree Work”

Important: When you register for the Business Placements, you must log in to the student portal to choose the modality (Ranking, Autopracticum or Recognition from professional experience) and the corresponding semester.

Requirements to enrol 

8. Internship modality (1): Autopracticums

Students who meet the necessary requirements to register for external curricular placements may, on their own initiative, find their own placement in a company of their choice, known as Autopracticum. The suitability of the placement will be assessed by the Placement Commission of the Faculty of Economics.

The following rules must be respected:

  • An Autoprácticum cannot be submitted for two or more different positions.
  • An Autopracticum cannot be carried out in a position in which there is a relationship of kinship up to the third degree with those in charge of the management bodies of the company or entity or of the tutors.

The internship activities must coincide with some of the training programmes proposed: Training programmes 

In the case of not coinciding with any program, a description of the training project must be made in the application.

  1. The student finds a company prepared to offer a placement; being the tutor of the company who will send the Autopracticums document to inmaculada.ferragud@fundacions.uv.esAnexo - Annex (English) 

The deadline for submission of Autopracticums: Until 6 September, if the placement is to be carried out in the first semester (from October to January), and until 30 November, if the placement is to be carried out in the second semester (from February to June).

  1. The Placement Commission will resove the applications submitted in due time and form and publish the lists of students with accepted Autopracticum

Lists of students with accepted Autopracticum.

9. Internship modality (2): Recognition from professional experience

Those students who have developed a professional activity, with an employment contract or on their own, that is in line with the content of the corresponding degree, may apply for internship recognition.

  1. Download the following aplication and send it by email to   from 1 de June until 14 July
  2. Documentation required:
  1. For the recognition of activities with a work contract: Copy of the employment contract, employment record and certification from the company confirming that the activities have been completed and the period of time worked; the latter should naturally coincide with the
    employment record.
  2. For the recognition of activities carried out independently: Census certificate, a degree certificate or any other documentation that proves that the student has carried out the activity and the period of time worked.

Evaluation of the applications for recognition

Applications for recognition that meet the necessary requirements will be evaluated by the Placement Commission. The results will be published on the website of the Faculty of Economics second half of July.

List of students with accepted recognition

If the recognition is not given, the student may choose a placement from the list of ADEIT placements or may propose, in due course, an Autopracticum.

10. Internship modality (3): Ranking

Students who do not submit an Autopracticum proposal (or this has not been approved by the Commission) must choose one of the internships offered by ADEIT.

The list of available placements will be published in the Virtual Classroom and will be sent from ADEIT by the corresponding manager. An email will be sent to the “alumni” email, indicating the procedure to choose the practice, as well as the date of the election session, time and place, depending on the order of registration.
The list will include information on the company, the department, the length of the placement, the timetable, the requirements that the student must meet, the training program or activities to be done in the placement period and whether there is any remuneration.

The planned date for the publication of the places offered and approved by the Placement Commission will be 7 September, for the first semester, and from 1 December, for the second semester.

The election will be made from 12-13 September for the first semester, and from 12-14 December, for the second semester.

11. Academic tutors and delivery of internship agreements

The internship agreement is a digital document (in pdf) so ADEIT will send it electronically, via email, to all interested parties: academic tutor, company tutor and student.

List of academic tutors:

Degree in Business Management and Administration (ADE)
 2 Semester
Degree in Business Management and Administration (ADE) Ontinyent
2 Semester
Degree in Economics
 2 Semester
Degree in Finance and Accounting
 2 Semester
Degree in International Business
 2 Semester
Degree in Tourism
 2 Semester
Double Degree in Tourism and Business Management and Administration
 2 Semester

12. Internship evaluation

L'avaluació de la pràctica es basa en tres aspectes que tenen un pes específic diferent en la qualificació final, tal com es recull a la taula següent:

Students of the double degree in Tourism+ADE will be assessed according to whether the internship is in ADE or Tourism. In the case of the double degree in ADE+Dret, the tutors of the Faculty of Economics will use the percentages applied to the ADE placements.

Next, you can find the file to carry out the periodic reports and the tutorial of the UVjob course. The internship guide describes all three aspects in more detail.

13. Guide on data protection for students doing external internships

14. Frequent questions

If I have already finished my degree, can I do a placement?
You can do a placement until the end of the course in which you were enroled, even if you have completed the assessment in January or June.

Are the placements remunerated?
There are some placements that provide a remuneration package for the student, although companies are not obliged to do so. In the case that there is remuneration, it is indicated in the offer and in the placement agreement.

Can I take a holiday?
The duration and timetable for completion of the placement is adjusted to what is established in the professional field and company where the placement is carried out. However, if you want to request days off permission must be sought and agreed with the on-site supervisor of the company within the framework of the placement agreement.

What should I do in the case of an incident?​ 

Where can I do placements?
You can do placements in any company or institution in Spain or abroad and in activities related to your studies.

Can I start on a date other than the one in the placement agreement?
Yes, if the date is after the initially proposed start date and with the consent of both your academic tutor and on-site supervisor

What is the relationship between the student, the Company and the University?
Given the training nature of these placements and, as established by the regulation of external practices, there is no obligation on the part of the company or institution to offer the student a working role as this does not form part of the agreement, and neither does the company have any commitment regarding any subsequent incorporation of the student into the company.
If the company offers a remuneration package during the placement, more information regarding this can be found at: Affiliation of students to Social Security. The company will not be able to use the student to cover, even temporarily or for an interim period, any job while he/she is carrying out the placement.

What rights and duties does the academic tutor have?
Article 12 of Royal Decree 592/2014, and Article 11 of the Regulation of External Placements of the University of Valencia.

What rights and duties does the student have?
Article 9 of Royal Decree 592/2014, and Article 10 of the Regulation of External Placements of the University of Valencia.

What rights and duties does the on-site supervisor have?
Article 11 of Royal Decree 592/2014, and Article 12 of the Regulation of External Placements of the University of Valencia.