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Students who have enrolled in an ARA group prior to the 2022/23 academic year will be maintained under the same conditions that were in effect at the time they first enrolled in these groups.

From the 2022-23 academic year, the ARA groups are called English teaching groups in the following grades:

1.- A cross-sectional Teaching groups in English for the degrees of ADE and ECO

New students need to register in the same order they have been admitted in the pre-registration procedure.  Students who want to pursue their studies in the AR group (cross-sectional BA-Economy) need to register in the AR group on their appointed day, if there are still available places.

In order to remain in the teaching groups in English the following years, students have to show proof of a certification of knowledge in English language, with a B2 level or higher, according to the following table of equivalence, before the ending of the First Year.

2.- An English teaching group in the GIB degree program

In order to enroll in the English teaching group of the GIB Degree, students must demonstrate a B2 level of English. For this, it is required to send an application by e-mail: indicating whether they have official certification of English level B2 or whether they will take the language test at the Language Center of the UV.

The students who don’t have certification and have taken the language test at the Language Center of the University of Valencia must provide an official certification of level B2 during the first year.

The official certifications that accredit the knowledge of English level B2 can be consulted in the following table of equivalences

Students who wish to opt to take the degree in the English teaching group must enroll in the GO group in Spanish and must choose the second language to be studied. The enrollment of admitted students will be modified automatically by the Secretary's Office of the FdE.

The students of the English teaching group of GIB will be selected once they are enrolled and according to their admission grade in the degree (75 places).

Those students who have not certification and have realised the language test at the Language Centre should compulsory provide an official certification of B2 level during the first year.

English test organised by the Language Centre of the University of Valencia

Registration period: from July 18 to 22
Registration will be done via the following email
Price: € 45
The exam will be on July 26.
The test will consist of three parts:

  1. Use of English 
  2. Listening comprehension 
  3. Reading comprehension 

Education in English in the Degree of Finances and Accountancy (FIC):
There is also the possibility at the Faculty of taking classes in English during the first year of the Degree of FIC. Interested parties will have to present the application form to