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Key calendar dates for Students during the Academic Year:

Coordinator for Final Degree Project (FDP): Paz Coscolla
Email of secretariat for procedures related to the FDP:

1.- Calendar for the Academic Year 2022-2023

Dates Tasks

Informative meetings 11 July 2022 :

  • 09:30 hrs. - GFYC & GTUR
  • 11:00 hrs. - GADE & TADE:
  • 12:30 hrs. - GIB & GECO
  • 16:00 hrs. - GADE & BIA
  • 17:30 hrs. - GADE - Derecho
  • 18:30 hrs. - GADE Ontinyent

The last session will be by video conference and can also connect those students who have not been able to attend in person to the session that corresponded to them according to their degree.

Information sessions Undergraduate Degree Final Project - Classroom 101 (Aulario Sur)

  • Registration
  • Deadlines
  • Requirements
  • Department election





June 2022 Publication of the topics and departments
Beginning of September 2022 Election semester TFG by QUESTIONNAIRE by e-mail addressed to students of GECO, GIB and other grades if you are not enrolled/a of PE.
5 - 8 September, 2022

Selection of departments
This is done at the appointment which every student will have been given once they registered for the subject. 
You can check the appointment time in your Virtual Secretariat

Second two weeks in September, 2022

Publication of the list of department and tutor allocated to each student with work placements in the first term

30 September, 2022

Early Evaluation and Authorisation of application from tutor  
Completed application to be sent to

Second two weeks in September, 2022
Selection of department tutor for FDP and WP
First two weeks in October, 2022 Publication of the departments and tutors of the students who are completing the FDP in the first term (and have had their work placements approved or recognised)
31 October, 2022 Deadline for submitting FDP for the first early evaluation via Entreu

November – December, 2022

Publication of departments and tutors for students doing the FDP and work placements in the second term
17 February, 2023 Deadline for submission of FDP for the first evaluation in the first term
19 June, 2023

Deadline for submission of FDP for the second evaluation in the first term.
Deadline for submission of FDP for the first evaluation in the second term

7 September, 2023 Deadline for submission of FDP for the second evaluation in the second term

2.- Informative sessions TFG - Presentations

3.- Requirements to enrol and be evaluated on the Final Degree Project (FDP)

4.- Teaching guides, front cover sheets and deadlines for submission of Final Degree Project (FDP)

Academic year 2022-2023

If there are problems in downloading the front cover sheets, first try changing the browser.

5.- List of topics for the academic year 2022-2023

6.- List of tutors for the FDP and WP 

This information will be regularly updated as the departments allocate tutors

Qualification/Degrees List of Students/Tutors 22-23
Double Degree ADE+Derecho

Degree in ADE
Degree ADE Ontinyent

Degree in Business Intelligence and Analytics

Degree in Economics
Degree in Finance and Accounting
Degree in International Business
Degree in Tourism
Double Degree in Tourism +Administration and Business Management (TADE)

7.- Submission of FDP

8.- Defence of FDP to apply for a Distinction

9.- Tutor Material