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Call for the application for admission of students with finished foreign official university studies who want to continue their studies in this Faculty during the 2020/21 academic year.


  • Submission of applications: From 1 to 24 July 2020
  • Publication of results: Before 30 September 2020 (Website)

Admitted and non-admitted:


  • Students with partial foreign university studies.
  • Students with a completed foreign degree, who have requested the homologation of the mentioned degree and have been denied.
  • Students with a completed foreign degree, who have not requested the homologation of the mentioned degree.

Applications and Admission:


  • RD 69/2000, of 21 January (BOE 22-01-2000)
  • RD 967/2014 of 21 November
  • RD 309/2005, of 18 March (BOE 19-03-2005)
  • RD 1393/2007, of 29 October (BOE 30-10-2007)
  • RD 412/2014 of 6 June (B.O.E. 7-6-2014)
  • Order ECD/265412015 of 3 Desember
  • Acord del Consell de Coordinació Universitària of 25 October 2004 (BOE 15-03-2005)
  • Normativa d'Accés als estudis de llicenciatura, enginyeria, diplomatura i enginyeria tècnica de la Universitat de València per les vies de trasllat d'expedient i convalidació parcial d'estudis estrangers (ACGUV 99/2007)
  • Reglament sobre admissió d'estudiants amb estudis universitaris oficials parcials approved by the Governing Council of the Universitat de València on 27 July 2010.
  • Requirements approved at the Faculty Board on 25 March 2011