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To obtain an academic certificate:

1. Via the online portal

If you already have a username and password, you must obtain your certificate (specifically for Degrees or Masters) via the online portal Entreu :

  • Official academic certificate. Fee.
  • Certificate of admission to Degree programme. No fee.
  • Certificate of admission to Masters programme. No fee.
  • Certificate of academic insurance. No fee.
  • Certificate of enrolment (personal belonging, large family, procurement of NIE, renewal of NIE, external concessions). No fee.
  • Certificate of fee of enrolment. No fee.
Tutorial to request an official academic certificate via the online portal ‘Entreu’

2. Obtaining certificates for students who do not have access to the online portal.

  1. Only if you do not have a username and password should you request a certificate by emailing  via:
    1. Your email address ending in
    2. Another email address, attaching the following authorisation form and a copy of your ID (DNI).
  2. If successful, we will send an invoice with the relevant fee and you must forward proof of payment to
  3. After completing step 2, you should receive your certificate within 7 days.

To obtain a certified copy that proves the authenticity of the document issued by the Universitat de Valencia, please contact with a copy of your ID (DNI) and the authorisation form. Once this documentation has been received, the relevant invoice will be issued for the payment of the fee. Once the payment has been made, you must send the receipt to the same address and you will receive instructions as to how to proceed.


If, after a period of six months, the diploma has not been collected, the Facultat d’Economia will dispose of it.
The personal data provided will be used by the University to manage the registry of incoming and outgoing documents.

The rights of access, correction, cancellation and objection can be exercised in any Registry Office of the UV (art. 5.0 L.O. 15/1999).