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Welcome Session Incoming Students

  • February 2nd, 2022
Welcome Session Incoming Students

On January 28th at 11:30 a.m., the Faculty of Economics held one more year the Welcome Session for international students (Erasmus+ program, International program and SICUE program) who are studying in our centre during the second semester of the academic year 21-22.

From the 287 students enrolled for the second semester 21-22 academic year, almost 200, from 118 universities belonging to 39 countries around the world, participated in this welcome session.

An event that took place online due to Covid-19 and in which several mobility coordinators, staff from the international office and Communication staff from the Faculty of Economics, as well as Francisco Muñoz, Dean of the Faculty; Asunción Hernández, Vice-Dean of International Relations and Daniela Buzova, Coordinator of Incoming Mentors, actively participated.

The internationalization objective that the Faculty of Economics undertook some years ago, has led us to be currently the first Faculty in Europe in receiving mobility students, with a total of 1014 nominations and 878 students enrolled. This result has been achieved thanks to the work, effort and willingness of everyone involved in some way in this process, management team, mobility coordinators, teachers who teach in English and Spanish and the administration and services staff responsible for the registration and receipt of all documentation. Thanks to everybody !!!!

You can watch the recording of the welcome session in this link.

Welcome to the Faculty of Economics of the University of Valencia!