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Non-formal education: learning and growing outside the classroom and beyond borders

  • March 29th, 2019

Do you know that the ERASMUS + program of the European Union allows international mobility actions outside the academic sphere? Do you know that you can travel around Europe and around the world to participate in intercultural meetings, volunteer projects and develop new communication skills and learn to start?

Next April 11, EUROPIMPULSE NETWORK invites you from 9:00 in the Degree Room of the Faculty of Economics to know the results of this research as well as non-formal Education projects open to young people who want to participate in these international activities through the ERASMUS + program or others such as the EUROPEAN SOLIDARITY PROGRAM.

Since September 2017, the IMPACT + project has developed and implemented a participatory research methodology to understand the impact of these non-formal education actions carried out at the transnational level within the framework of the ERASMUS + program. These international activities allow participants to develop complementary competences to those acquired in the academic field, in addition to contributing to the construction of a more participative, creative and supportive Europe.