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New developments in teaching in the second semester

  • February 17th, 2021
New developments in teaching in the second semester

On Tuesday 26th January, the Valencian Public University System reached an agreement with the Generalitat (local government) to minimise the presence of students on university campuses this February.

At the Faculty of Economics, the Degree Academic Committees have agreed that teaching in the degrees will be in non-attendance modus during the coming weeks. This will be carried out primarily in the form of synchronous videoconferencing given in the timetable set for each subject and group.

As for teaching in master's degree courses, it will be The Academic Coordination Committee of each master, depending on their teaching calendar, programmed activities and specific methodologies, those who will decide the best way to minimise attendance during these difficult times. The directors of each master will inform both teaching staff and students regarding the agreements adopted.

External internships, final degree projects (TFG) and master's degree projects (TFM) will continue as initially planned.

This model will be reviewed at the end of February depending on the evolution of the health situation and, as soon as this allows, we will recover the initially established schedule of rotating shifts.

How does the rotating shifts work?

Very easy: if your surname is between A and L, you will go to the classroom the week indicated in the timetable. That week, students with surnames between M and Z will be receiving online teaching. The following week the shifts will be reversed. Students with surnames between M and Z will come to the classroom, while the others will stay at home.

There are three exceptions to this plan of rotating shifts, all of them derived from the fact that the groups in these degrees are smaller from the beginning, and therefore their teaching will not be subject to shifts. These are the double degree in Business+Law, the BIA degree and the Master's degrees.

You can find out which shift is due each week by checking the academic calendar on the Faculty's website:

We would like to thank once again the exemplary behaviour of students and staff during this difficult year. Only with everyone's commitment is it possible to reduce the risk.