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Users of the services offered by the Secretary’s Office of the Faculty of Economia, have their rights recognised on the article 13 of the Law 39/2015, from 1 October, on the Legal Regi- me of Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedure, and particularly:

  • To have at their disposal updated information and adequate content on the
  • services  offered  by  the  secretary office.
  • To  be informed with efficiency of the procedures those affect them.
  • To be treated with due respect and consideration by all the staff of  the
  • secretary office.
  • To know the identity of the staff who processes the procedures in which they take part.
  • To present suggestions, complaints and congratulations that they consider appropiate in relation to the services given by the secretary office in which they are an interested party.
  • To have guaranteed personal data confidentiality according to the current
  • regulations.
  • To have access to the facilities and services needed so that students with physical or sensory disabilities can properly take their studies and get an appropriate academic training.
  • To  be attended in the official language de la UV       initially expressed by
  • students.
  • To  know the module programmes and the professors in  charge.
  • To get equality and to not being discriminated in terms of gender, ideology, birth, language, sexual orientation, disabilities or any other  circumstance.
  • To the data protection of Social Security, in the terms and conditions the legal  provisions  that  regulate  it establish.
  • To honour, personal privacy and  image.
  • Any other right arising from the current  regulations.