In the framework of the UV’s mission, through defining the scope of activity (teaching, research, transfer and culture exchange), it is possible to explain the purpose of the institution in terms of goals that define and determine our available services and set the milestones that we aim to achieve within the given timeframe set out in the Strategic Plan 2016-2019.

The Universitat de València aims to gain future recognition  for:

  • Being a higher education institution renowned for its offer of high quality, comprehensive and international academic offer, which is accessible to everyone and covers permanent training needs throughout the different stages of people's life.
  • The ability to provide their students with comprehensive guidance, as embodied in the high quality of the undergraduate experience at the Universitat de València and in a qualification that will improve graduate's employability. 
  • The high volume and far researching impact from research achievements made by its research teams.
  • The ability to win specialised research resources: through attracting and developing talent and cooperation with competitive international decisions. 
  • The ability to offer a wide range of exchange and scientific-technical services, through visible and accessible services, that can be easily understood by current and prospective users.
  • The ability to create secure relationships with users of exchange services, and offer them comprehensive solutions that go beyond basic exchanges.
  • The wide range, high quality and rich cultural offering and participation in university life, contributing to a UV experience, that meets the users' needs and expectations. 
  • Being a cultural reference in the Valencian society, with special focus on representing its culture and language.

Through this outlook, the goals of this institution in each of the four areas of activity and strategic objects which will lead to the achievement of the stated goals are made clear. Thus, UV’s Strategic Plan for 2016-2019 is set.