Every institution has a culture based on a set of values that are ingrained in their principles that moderate their actions. The UV values have been shaped throughout its history which have been reflected in the University´s Constitution.

The presentation of the UV values aims to set out a robust reference framework that will guide the behaviour and attitude of the institution, will influence its decisions and the way in which it carries out its services. This represents the main concepts that establish the different aspects of the University Social Responsibility (USR) of the UV.

Thus, the values that are embodied in the actions of the UV and that serve as a basis for the development of the Strategic Plan 2012 -2015 are as follows:

  • Identity commitment. The UV is an institution deeply-rooted in the local area and linked to the Valencian reality. Therefore, it pays special attention to the protection and promotion of Valencian culture and language, as well as the study of all the cultural manifestation of its close by cultural and territorial aspects.
  • Excellence in the development of all our teaching activities, research, exchange and cultural dissemination. This value is defined in our commitment to quality, assessment and continuous improvement.
  • Innovation. The UV will accomplish its intellectual leadership objectives through following its principles of rationality and universality, by facilitating, stimulating and hosting intellectual and critical activities in every field of study.
  • Social and economic progress, resulting in the commitment of the UV to intellectual and physical development of nations and knowledge advancement.
  • Transparency in the management of the university and open dialogue with society, to promote participation, trust and loyalty to the institution. This will facilitate the internal communication and knowledge sharing between the different fields of study that form the university community to allow for the harmonious development of the field specific knowledge to enhance people’s skills and integration in a democratic society.
  • Justice, resulting in equal rights and opportunities for everyone, without fear of discrimination due to race, gender, opinion, language,religion or any other social or personal condition or circumstance. According to internal policy, the UV promotes positive reinforcement measures for equal participation of all its members of the institution and advocates in favour of its language and culture, which are the heart of its identity. Positive actions for people with disabilities are also promoted, in order for them to have fullfilling university life.
  • Equality. The UV performs its services and activities (teaching, research, cultural and management) under the principle of equal opportunities for men and women, and it develops and applies this through the corresponding ‘Equality Plan’.
  • Solidarity and cooperation with groups from different fields of research which the institution interacts with in a social, cultural, economic and academic environment. In the academic environment, the UV is committed to the creation of opportunities and equal conditions for the greatest number of people (social dimension of higher education). To an equal degree, the UV cooperates with other universities and academic institutions, with a special focus on Valencian universities and universities belonging to the Catalan linguistic zone, this includes the network of the current Joan Lluís Vives Institute.
  • Sustainability The UV looks after the ecological and environmental defence, it promotes and applies active measures to protect and improve the health of the university community members. The UV supports this value through the continual application of its´ twenty-five polices included in the “Sustainable Campus. Educational and Research for Sustainability” program.

The aforementioned values serve to support the Universities´ strategical approach and successful key focus areas whereby the UV aims to achieve its goals in the different fields to which its activities are related.