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Participation by committees representing sectors of the university community (teaching and research staff, administration and service staff and students) ensures that the central bodies of the University are more efficient in their competencies.
These permanent committees are created by the Governing Council.

Current committees:

  • Academic Committee for Course Programming
  • Academic Organisation Committee
  • Administrative and Service Staff Committee
  • Advisory Committee for the Astronomical Observatory
  • Advisory Council for the Botanical Garden
  • Assessment Committee
  • Bibliographic Information Committee
  • Constitutional Committees
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Doctoral Studies Committee
  • Economic Committee
  • Experimental Research Ethics Committee
  • Information Systems Committee
  • Language Policy Committee
  • Physical Education and Sports Committee
  • Publishing Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Studies Committee
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Teaching Staff Committee
  • Tendering Appeals Committee
  • University Extension Committee

Internal Regulations for Committees