A security breach consists in any illicit or unauthorised act of intrusion which may:

- Cause deletion, loss or accidental / illicit alteration of personal data or

- Allow / cause an unauthorised transmission, disclosure or access to files or personal data processing.

The new regulation for data protection applies a series of compulsory measures whenever there are reasons to believe a security breach occurred, if it affects files or the processing of personal data.

Therefore, should you be aware of any security breach involving data processing or data files belonging to the Universitat de València or possibly affecting personal data of the various UV collectives, you must contact the UV’s Data Protection Commission as soon as possible and without delays by sending an e-mail to lopd@uv.es with “possible security breach” as subject to notify them of it. Or, should you prefer it, you can do that by attaching the UV security breach notification protocol (Annex II) available here.

The Data Protection Officer doesn’t sanction nor impose fines; he evaluates and solves the issue by applying technical measures in order to prevent said breach from taking place again.

We remind you that files lodged in the Universitat de València are adapted to the National Security Framework, and that all UV members must personally comply with the ten security recommendations proposed by UVSTIC at: