Women in language: Are we content with ellipsis?

On the occasion of the International Day of the Spanish Language, which is celebrated on 23rd April, UV Unitat d'Igualtat (equality unit of the University of Valencia) proposes a debate on inclusive and non-sexist language.

The debate is entitled: "Las mujeres en el lenguaje: ¿Nos conformamos con la elipsis?" (Women in language: Are we content with ellipsis?) and aims, in compliance with the III Equality Plan, to raise awareness among the university community on this fundamental issue.

María Martín is an "unrepentant and impertinent feminist", as she defines herself. With a degree in Law, she is the author of the books "Ni por favor ni por favora" (Don't say please) and "Mujer tenías que ser"  (You sure are a woman). Her professional specialities are gender impact assessment, analysis and detection of needs in the field of equality, and the development and personalised implementation of gender equality measures in public and private entities.

She has fifteen years of experience as a trainer in various areas of gender studies for public and private organisations; political, legal and civil society groups in Spain and Latin America. In the last ten years she has been a teacher and lecturer in several Spanish and Mexican universities. She has also participated as a contributor for the press, talk shows and several radio programmes.

The International Day of the Spanish Language is also an appropriate date to present two proposals, resulting from the work and research of professors from the University of Valencia, which are essential to promote a non-sexist use of Spanish: the “Guía de comunicación no sexista” (Guide to non-sexist communication) by the Cervantes Institute and "Cadí", a inclusive and non-sexist language software.

Mercedes Quilis will also participate in the debate. She is one of the four professors of the University of Valencia who have elaborated the“Guía de comunicación no sexista” presented at the Cervantes Institute last March 8th and she is also the author of the University of Valencia's "Guía de uso para un lenguaje igualitario" (Guide to the use of egalitarian language).

For the event closure, Capitolina Díaz will present "Cadí" (in honour of her name for being the researcher who proposed the creation of the software), a tool that allows the use of inclusive language in the writing of texts and which is already available on the web:  https://lenguaje-incluyente.ibero.mx/

Remei Castelló, a journalist from the University of Valencia, will be the moderator of the event. Remei Castelló is one of the authors of the "Manual de estilo para el tratamiento de la violencia machista y el lenguaje inclusivo en los medios de comunicación" (Manual of style for the treatment of gender-based violence and inclusive language in the media), published by the Unió de Periodistes (Valencian journalists association), both in Spanish and Catalan.


Date 22 april 2021 at 18:30 to 21:00. Every day.


Place Online

Organized by

Unitat d'Igualtat UV.


Contact igualtat@uv.es

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