The UV announces the 2nd edition of the FORD FUND SMART MOBILITY CHALLENGE

The deadline to participate in the second edition of the FORD FUND SMART MOBILITY CHALLENGE competition is now open. It is a contest aimed at students of the Universitat de València whose objective is to provide training and financial support to teams interested in undertaking in the field of sustainable mobility and smart cities.


The Office of the Vice-principal for Employment and Training Service is organising these awards with the sponsorship of the Ford Fund to provide students with a training programme in innovative entrepreneurship techniques and advice that will enable them to promote their business idea in the field of intelligent and sustainable mobility. Proposals submitted must address at least one of the following six subjects:

  1. Proposals that help to overcome obstacles to mobility in everyday life.
  2. Proposals that provide viable, more affordable mobility solutions for people who need better access to health and community services, as well as for disabled or disadvantaged people, for whom traditional transport services are not always adequate.
  3. Proposals that help improve and facilitate the mobility of people and goods in urban areas, and provide easy access to much-needed basic goods and services.
  4. Proposals that help to ensure the safety and well-being of workers (especially those whose job involves commuting, with or without vehicles).
  5. Proposals that promote healthy lifestyles with propositions that can be implemented regardless of the scope of application (small or large scale) for active mobility (e.g. bicycles, light motorbikes, etc.), that link local communities and help finance commuting expenses for people of all ages and abilities.
  6. Proposals that play a role in tackling traffic congestion, solving urban spatial challenges, improving air quality and contributing to a greener, more energy-efficient living; and that connect communities

To participate, participating teams are required to briefly describe an early-stage business idea that will be developed over the course of the competition and will ultimately result in a project or prototype product or service. An evaluation committee will select the three best projects, which will receive a grant of €5,000 and an additional grant of €7,500 for the best of the three. These grants will be allocated for the implementation of the respective selected projects.

Those interested will have to prove that they are enrolled in an official Bachelor’s, Master's or doctoral degree of the Universitat de València, or in the Universitat de València specific degree of University Expert in StartUp Management during the academic year 2021/2022.

The deadline for submitting applications is 13th February 2022. More information on the competition website


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Date From 22 december 2021 to 13 february 2022. 24h. Every day.


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