The United Nations we want

Poster of the event

Date: 22 april 2021 at 15:00 to 20:00. Thursday.


Place: Online



On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, the online event: "Las Naciones Unidas que queremos" (The United Nations we want) will be celebrated on April 22nd by the University of Valenci, in collaboration with the United Nations Information and Communication Technology Centre, located in Quart de Poblet (valencian town), and with the invaluable support of the UV United Nations Depository Library (OBIB). This event is part of the yODSi project of the University of Valencia, coordinated by its Vice-Principal's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, UV Sustainability unit, and the faculties.

The day selected for the celebration is 22nd April, the International Mother Earth Day. It reminds us we need to protect biodiversity and take care of both people and the home we all share: the Earth. If we destroy biodiversity, life on our Planet - as we know it - will not be possible. Basic changes in our values institutions and ways of life are needed: we need a shift to a more sustainable economy that works for both people and planet.

15:00 h. Presentation:

  • Elena Martínez García. Vice-Principle's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability. University of Valencia.
  • Lino Puertas Arias. United Nations Information and Communications Technology Centre.

15:10 h. Inauguration of the Online event.

  • Director of the United Nations Global Service Centre.
  • Rector of the University of Valencia.
  • President of the Generalitat Valenciana.

15:30 h. Discussion panel: "La ciencia y la tecnología al servicio de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y la mitigación del cambio climático" (Science and Technology at the service of the Sustainable Development Goals and climate change mitigation).

16:30 h.  Discussion panel: "Inteligencia artificial en un planeta finito: retos de la Agenda 2030" (Artificial intelligence on a finite planet: challenges of the 2030 Agenda).

  • Amina Abed, student at the University of Valencia.
  • Lionel Vasseur Duvivier, estudiante de la Universitat de València.
  • Joaquín Nieto Sainz, Director of the ILO Office for Spain and Expert on the 2030 Agenda.

17:30 h. Coffee break

17:45 h. Discussion panel: "La era digital desde la perspectiva ética, histórica y socioantropológica. Oportunidades y retos de la Educación para Desarrollo Sostenible" (The digital era from an ethical, historical and socio-anthropological perspective. Opportunities and challenges of Education for Sustainable Development).

  • Carlota Gómez Herrera, student at the University of Valencia.
  • Javier Villarroya Villalba, student at the University of Valencia.
  • Enrique Yeves Valero, 75th Anniversary Coordinator for Spain.

18:45 h. Discussion panel: "Derechos Humanos y aplicaciones de la inteligencia artificial al servicio de la Agenda 2030" (Human Rights and applications of artificial intelligence in the service of the 2030 Agenda).

  • Ana Suarez Rus, student at the University of Valencia.
  • Guzmán Blanco Saez, student at the University of Valencia.
  • Juan Carlos García Cebolla, Senior Coordinator of the Food Security and Nutrition Programme. 

19:45 h.  Closure

  • The next generations' voice:

    • Patricia Martínez Server
    • Pablo Manzanera Martínez 

Organized by:

University of Valencia, United Nations, Vice-Principal's Office for Equality, Diversity and Sustainability, and UV Sustainability unit..



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