Techniques and Methods of Scientific Police

As a result of the collaboration with the General Commissariat of Forensic Science Police and the Superior Police Headquarters of the Valencian Community, on 11, 12 and 13 May from 9 am to 8 pm the hall of the Faculty of Law will host the travelling forensic science exhibition, which brings the university community closer to the history, present and future of forensic science.  Materials and devices, reconstruction scenarios, multimedia equipment and the advice of specialists in the field come together to provide those who visit this exhibition with an awareness of how the current development of forensic science has come about, of the methods and techniques currently used in police work, and of the immediate future scenarios in the development of this field.

The exhibition traces the origins of the development of the application of scientific methodology to police work and incorporates equipment and materials that allow visitors to have direct contact with the history of the development of scientific methodology in police work. The development of criminalistics is in this sense a history of science, but also of legal guarantees and criminological knowledge; delving into the origins of this discipline helps to understand its importance and how we have arrived at its current development.

But this exhibition does not stop at history; it also looks at current techniques and the means and devices used to develop them.  Although it sometimes gives the impression of being immersed in a science fiction film, what is shown is the present of forensic science and how the alliance between technology and the know-how of professionals allows us to use our knowledge in the reconstruction and analysis of criminal acts.  The exhibition covers the main techniques and methods currently in use, and does so by providing visitors with advice and explanations from experts in the field who have first-hand experience of their practical use and usefulness.

There is also a nod to the future, and indeed the immediate future of the development of the application of scientific knowledge to criminal investigation. The future is yet to be written, but many things are already just around the corner, and the exhibition brings us closer to them.

The ground floor of the Faculty of Law is an opportunity that we should take advantage of these days; and the collaboration with the National Police, of which this exhibition is an expression, is a very important training and professional development opportunity that we should value..


ScheduleFrom 11 may 2021 to 13 may 2021. Tuesday, wednesday and thursday at 09:00 to 14:00.


Place Hall de la Facultat de Dret

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Faculty of Law.



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