Imagen gráfica del programa de mentorización Shadowing.
Shadowing: a new mentoring programme to improve employability

Do you want to be mentored and receive the know how of prestigious professionals to improve your professional insertion and/or career development? If you are interested, eager to learn and to develop yourself personally and professionally, and you are a Master’s student at Universitat de València, join the Shadowing programme now!

The Vice-principal for Employment and Training Programmes, through the employment service of Universitat de València, UVocupació, in collaboration with Santander Bank, implements the programme Shadowing.

What is the Shadowing programme?

It is a mentoring process through which a prestigious professional (the mentor), who has been trained at Universitat de València (UV), or who has some kind of link with the University, advises, guides and orientates another (the mentee) in their professional integration and/or career development, through the transmission of knowledge and experiences acquired throughout their careers.

Who is it aimed at?

Master’s students at Universitat de València, from the following centres:

Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Biological Sciences

School of Engineering (ETSE-UV)

Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy

Faculty of Geography and History


That prestigious professionals, on a voluntary basis, guide and advise Master’s students in their professional insertion and/or career development, offering them personalised advice on different subjects.

Actions contemplated in the grant

Carry out at least three mentoring sessions with the mentor assigned to you. The duration of each session will be no less than one hour.

Possibility of participating in other activities (seminars, talks, lectures...) organised within the Shadowing programme. 

Applications to participate in the programme will be made through the  Online Office Universitat de València.


ScheduleFrom 27 may 2021 to 15 june 2021. Every day at 08:00 to 00:00.


Place Online

Organized by

Universitat de València

Vicerrectorado de Empleo y Programas Formativos

Fundació General de la Universitat de València


Con la colaboración de Banco Santander.



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