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Public art / public university exhibition. Open inscription.

A new edition of the Public art / public university exhibition is being organised and it’s intended for visual artists of any age who are interested in creating a site-specific artwork for the campuses of Burjassot and Blasco Ibañez representing one of the many possibilities of current art to address interdisciplinary content and create synergy with the study areas of these campuses.

At the Exhibition’s twenty-fourth edition, there will be a selection of twelve ephemeral art interventions causing reflection on contemporary art’s approximation to science and social / human sciences, so that they’re able to introduce new transversal knowledge and can interact with the university spaces of the Burjassot and Blasco Ibáñez Campuses.

The curator for the twenty-fourth Public art / public university exhibition is Expert in Cultural Projects and Art Mediation Alba Braza, who is part of the jury in charge of assessing the projects along with Vice-Principal of UV Culture and Sports and UPV Professor of Fine Arts Mijo Miquel, and Mediator and Exhibition Curator Jodie Di Napoli.

Project submission deadline: from March 8th to April 16th 2021 at 2:00 p.m.


ScheduleFrom 8 march 2021 to 16 april 2021. Every day at 00:00 to 14:00.


Place Information and Promotion Service (Sedi)

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Information and Promotion Service (Sedi)

With the collaboration of: Office of the Vice-Principal for Culture and Sports




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