Other identities, other development models

Otras identidades, otros modelos de desarrollo (Other identities, other development models)

Keynote speech

Pastora Filigrana, lawyer and HR defender.


Panel discussion

Demetrio Gómez, activist and HR, intersectionality and minority trainer.

Paloma Chen, journalist and activist

Miquel Ramos, journalist specialised in hate speech

Deborah Ekoka, cultural manager and bookseller

Moderated by:

Raúl Abeledo, academic director of UV Cultural Observatory  

Presented by:

Ester Alba, vice-principal of Culture and Sport UV 

Face-to-face session at La Nau Cultural Centre’s Aula Magna. Registration is required and free at:

It will also be possible to follow the seminar online via the La Nau Cultural Centre’s YouTube channel:


Date 21 september 2021 at 18:00 to 20:00. Tuesday.


Place Aula Magna. Centre Cultural La Nau

Organized by

Org: Observatori Cultural UV-Fundació General UV

Col: Ajuntament de València. Caixa Popular. Diversitats.